Editor-in-Chief Ufuk Demirkılıç Frequency Quarterly Abbreviation Turk J Vasc Surg Publisher Turkish National Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society ISSN 2667-4947 E-ISSN 2667-5080

Turkish Journal of Vascular Surgery 1996 , Vol 5 , Issue 1
Surgical Treatment of Aneurysm of the lntrathoracic Segment of the Left Subclavian Artery
Gökhan İPEK1, Timuçin OĞUŞ1, Ömer IŞIK1, Tolga KUTLU1, Turan BERKİ1, ALi GÜRBÜZ1, Mehmet BALKANAY1, Cevat YAKUT1
1Koşuyolu Kalp ve Araştırma Hastanesi, İstanbul Posttraumatic fusiform aneurysm of the proximal left subclavian artery involvirig the proximal descending aor­ ta is quite rare. A 35 year old male patient complaining of back ache for one year was treated for such an ane­ urysm. A median ternotomy was performed and the incision was extended for 10 cm. towards while crossing the left clavicle. A 12 mm. Dacron graft bypass was perform ed between arcus aorta and descending thoracic aorta. Later.the three outlets of the aneurysms were ligated with teflon bands . Another bypass with 6 mm. Gore­ Tex graft was performed between'the graft and left subclavian artery. There were no complication and the pat i ­ ents is doin@ well at two year follow up. Keywords :