Editor-in-Chief Ufuk Demirkılıç Frequency Quarterly Abbreviation Damar Cer Derg Publisher Turkish National Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society ISSN 1301 - 1839 E-ISSN 2149 - 1259

Turkish Journal of Vascular Surgery 2000 , Vol 9 , Issue 1
Kaan Kırali1, Necmettin Yakut1, Mustafa Güler1, Mehmet E. Toker1, Murat B. Rabuş1, Bahadır Dağlar1, Gökhan İpek1, Cevat Yakut 1
1Koşuuyolu Kalp Egitim vs Araştırma Hastanesi Kalp ve Damar Cerrahisi Bölümü, İstanbul Bypass grafting is the accepted surgical procedure for adult patients with complex form aortic coarctation. In this study 11 patients operated for complex form aortic coarctation were investigated retrospectively between 1985 and 1999. 7 of the patients (72,7%) were male and the rest (27,3%) were female with mean age 22,917.8 years (range, 14 and 43). Mean systolic pressure was ranged between 45 and 100 mmHg (mean 66,18±11,8 mmHg). There was performed subclayian artery to descending aorta bypass grafting at 8 patients and descending aorta to descending aorta bypass grafting at 3 patients. There was no early or late mortality or complication. After longterm follow-up (mean 5,1±3,5 years range 1-14 years) all of the bypass grafts were found open without any serious residual gradient (max < 15 mmHg). Bypass grafting, which effects positively on the early and long-term follow-up, should be chosen for surgical correction at patients with complex form aortic coarctation. Keywords : Aortic coarctation, lateroistbrnic bypass grafting