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Turkish Journal of Vascular Surgery 2013 , Vol 22 , Issue 3
Evaluation of the Relationship Between Lower E.remity Varicose Veins-Venous Insufficiency and Varicocele-Vulvar Varicose Veins in Our Population
Seyhan YILMAZ1, Eray AKSOY1, Songül YAYLACI2
1Kalp Damar Cerrahisi Kliniği, Hitit Üniversitesi Çorum Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi, Çorum
2Cerrahi Hastalıklar Hemşireliği, Hitit Üniversitesi Çorum Eğitim ve Araştırma Hastanesi, Çorum
DOI : 10.9739/uvcd.2013-36870 Objective: Chronic venous insufficiency is an important health problem which affects the quality of life the individuals adversely, and seen approximately 10-35% of the adult populati- on in the United States. It causes significant health care expenditure because of the complications. This medical condition can be monitored in many different clinical presentations and some publications are available in literature showing that chronic venous insufficiency may be associated with varicocele, which is a major cause of infertility in men, and vulvar varicose veins in women. In our study, we aimed that to evaluate the association of the lower extremity varicose veins with varicocele or vulvar varicose veins in the two provinces of Central Anatolia. Material and Methods: We included 236 patients who had lower extremity varicose veins and no history of surgery as the study group, and 100 patients without any evidence of lower extremity venous insufficiency findings as the control group into our study. Minitab 16 statistical software package program was used for statistical analysis. Results: The mean age of the study and the control group were 39.42±10.8 and 39.68±10.9 years, respectively. Varicoceles were evident in 18.42% and 6.81% of the males in the study and the control groups respectively, and vulvar varicoceles were seen in 10.00% and 7.14% of the females in the study and the control groups respectively. Conclusion: Examination of pati- ents with lower extremity varicose veins for vulvar varicose veins or varicoceles would give use- ful results for both our patients and our health-related databases. Keywords : Varices; venous insufficiency; varicocele
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