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Turkish Journal of Vascular Surgery 2008 , Vol 17 , Issue 1
Gülsen ERSOY1, Atilla SARAÇ2
1Kastamonu Devlet Hastanesi Kalp Damar Cerrahisi, Kastamonu
2Samsun Devlet Hastanesi Kalp Damar Cerrahisi, Samsun
Purpose: To investigate the impact of radiation therapy, administered to break the hyperplastic chain of events in the organism, on intimal hyperplasia which is also a hyperplastic and proliferative event.

Methods: The effect of external radiotherapy at a dose of 2000 cGy on intimal hyperplasia in an arteriovenous fistula vein anastomosis in the artery system was investigated. Therefore, a total of 20 rabbits induced with femoral arteriovenous anastomosis were administered with 2000 cGy external radiation therapy within the first 24 hours following surgery. Of those, four groups were formed. While Group 1 and 3 were the controls; Group 2 was formed on day 28 with 10 subjects and Group 4 was formed on day 90, also with 10 subjects.

Results: Group 2 and 4 were compared against the control groups (Group 1 and 3) in terms of intimal hyperplasia development at ocular micrometric level. While the difference between Group 2 and the control group (Group 1) was statistically significant with a p value of < 0.05; the difference between Group 4 and the control group (Group 3) was not observed to be statistically significant with a p value of > 0.05.

Conclusion: It was observed that 2000 cGy single dose external radiotherapy administered within the first 24 hours following arteriovenous fistulae formation decreased venous intimal hyperplasia significantly. Although it had a decreasing effect in the long-term as well, the effect was not statistically significant. We maintain that further experimental studies should be carried out, as there are few studies investigating the late stage effects of external radiotherapy in patients with arteriovenous fistulae. (Turkish J Vasc Sur 2008;17(1):13-19). Keywords : Intimal hyperplasia, external radiotherapy, arteriovenous fistula

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