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Turkish Journal of Vascular Surgery 2014 , Vol 23 , Issue 3
Surgical Treatment of Venous Port Relocalized in the Pulmonary Artery Secondary to Pinch-Off Syndrome Following Implantation: Case Report
Volkan YURTMAN, Sabahattin DALGA, Ümid ELÇİ, Faig ISAYEV
1Clinics of Cardiovascular Surgery, Erzurum Şifa Hospital, Erzurum
2Clinics of General Surgery, Erzurum Şifa Hospital, Erzurum
3Clinics of Anesthesiology, Erzurum Şifa Hospital, Erzurum
DOI : 10.9739/uvcd.2013-35941 Pinch-off syndrome develops due to the compression of the venous catheter between the first rib and clavicle, or between subclavius muscle and costoclavicular ligament, and it is a rarely se- en complication. Due to chronic trauma caused by compression, catheter rupture and embolism of the catheter to the pulmonary arteries may develop rarely (0.2-1%). Successive postoperative plain chest X-rays may be useful to define the compression findings. In order to reduce the risk for cathe- ter compression, a more lateral puncture of subclavian vein or "cut-down" to the cephalic vein must be considered. Pinch-off can be avoided by using internal jugular vein for catheterization. In this pa- per, we present a case of catheter pulmonary embolism developed due to the dislocation of the ve- nous port which was implanted for chemotherapy in a patient diagnosed with colon carcinoma. Keywords : Venous cathater embolism; venous port complications; pulmonary embolism
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