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Turkish Journal of Vascular Surgery 2004 , Vol 13 , Issue 2
Zeki ACUN1, Suat Can ULUKENT1, Alper CİHAN1, Bülent UÇAN1, Mustafa CÖMERT1, Ali CESUR1
1Zonguldak Karaelmas Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Genel Cerrahi AD, ZONGULDAK Purpose: Evaluation of central venous catheterization and complications.

Patients and Methods: The patients who were undergone central venous catheterization in Zonguldak Karaelmas University, General Surgery department between April 2001 and March 2004 were evaluated retrospectively. After central venous catheterization PA lung graphies were performed in all patients and clinical follow up were performed. All cathether dressings were changed by medical doctors. Cathether culturs were obtained in hyperthermic patients. All patients were followed up for complications of pnomothorax, arterial punction, acclution and infection of cathether until the cathethers displaced.

Results: Central venous cathetherization were performed by subclavian vein, internal jugular vein and external jugular vein by using the cut-down method in 81 (83.5%), 9 (9.3%) and 7 (7.2%) patients respectively. The mean age of patients were 56 (22-90), 51.5 (30-73) and 62 (33-91) in subclavian vein cathetherization, internal jugular vein cathetherization and external jugular vein cathetherization by using cut-down method respectively. In subclavian venous cathetherization the number of complications of pnomothorax, cathether infection, arterial punction and occlusion of cathethers were 2 (2.5%), 1 (1.2%), 5 (6.2%), 4 (4.9%) respectively. In internal jugular vein cathetherization the only complication was cathether infection in one patient and there wasn"t any complication in external jugular vein cathetherization by using cut-down method.

Conclusion: Even there was a complication risk, subclavian and internal jugular vein cathetherization were recomended for central venous cathetherization because of low complication rates. (Turkish J Vasc Surg 2004;13(2): 13-16) Keywords : Central vein, cathetherization, complication

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