Editor-in-Chief Ufuk Demirkılıç Frequency Quarterly Abbreviation Turk J Vasc Surg Publisher Turkish National Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Society E-ISSN 2667-5080

Turkish Journal of Vascular Surgery 2005 , Vol 14 , Issue 1
Nezihi KÜÇÜKARSLAN1, Gökhan YAĞCI2, Bahri ÜSTÜNSÖZ3, Erkan KURALAY1, Ertuğrul ÖZAL1, Veysel TEMİZKAN1, Harun TATAR1
1GATA, Askeri Tıp Fakültesi Hastanesi, Kalp ve Damar Cerrahisi ABD., Etlik, Ankara
2GATA, Askeri Tıp Fakültesi Hastanesi, Genel Cerrahi ABD., Etlik, Ankara
3GATA, Askeri Tıp Fakültesi Hastanesi, Radyodiagnostik ABD. Etlik, Ankara
The wall of the hepatic artery is as the same as the other medium-size arteries. Early diagnosis and surgical manipulation to the possible complications following liver transplantation is very vital for the graft viability and patient survey. In our case, on the first postoperative day following liver transplantation, we diagnosed hepatic artery stenosis by Doppler ultrasonography. After then we performed a selective hepatic angiography. As a result we detected dissection at the anastomosis site and kinked areas on hepatic artery. Then we performed a new anastomosis by reducing the graft length. With the help of these findings we want to emphasize the importance of vascular complications, early diagnosis and surgical manipulations of these complications that could happen following liver transplantation. (Turkish J Vasc Surg 2005;14(1):41-45). Keywords : Hepatic artery stenosis; liver transplantation; graft viability
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