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Turkish Journal of Vascular Surgery 2017 , Vol 26, Issue 3
Outcomes of endovascular aortic aneurysm repair in octogenarians with hostile iliac artery anatomy Articles
Pages 091-097 DOI : 10.5606/tjvs.2017.24
Mid-term results of endovenous radiofrequency ablation therapy on small saphenous vein Research
Pages 073-079 DOI : 10.5606/tjvs.2017.31
Comparison of different venous accesses through catheter-directed thrombolysis procedures in patients with acute deep vein thrombosis Research
Pages 080-084 DOI : 10.5606/tjvs.2017.1
Treatment of chronic venous insufficiency with great saphenous vein endovenous radiofrequency ablation and miniphlebectomy in a single session Research
Pages 085-090 DOI : 10.5606/tjvs.2017.43
Prognostic value of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in patients undergoing endovenous ablation therapy for venous insufficiency Research
Pages 098-103 DOI : 10.5606/tjvs.2017.42
The use of Doppler ultrasonography and double-control method during catheterization for hemodialysis Research
Pages 104-110 DOI : 10.5606/tjvs.2017.201
Case Report
A rare clinical form of deep vein thrombosis: Phlegmasia alba dolens Case Report
Pages 111-115 DOI : 10.9739/uvcd.2014-42998
Surgical treatment of extensive atherosclerosis of supraaortic arterial branches: Two case reports Case Report
Pages 116-119 DOI : 10.9739/uvcd.2014-43020
Presentation of double renal artery with double renal vein: A case report Case Report
Pages 120-124 DOI : 10.9739/uvcd.2014-43032
Interventional treatment in vascular trauma: Case report Case Report
Pages 125-127 DOI : 10.9739/uvcd.2015-47214
Complications of arteriovenous fistula in hemodialysis patients: Two case reports Case Report
Pages 128-131 DOI : 10.9739/uvcd.2015-43581
Endovascular management of traumatic rupture of aberrant right subclavian artery Case Report
Pages 132-135 DOI : 10.9739/uvcd.2015-44847