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Turkish Journal of Vascular Surgery 2020 , Vol 29, Issue 2
Invited Review
Long-term results for basilic vein superficialization or transposition for hemodialysis access Research
Pages 078-083 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.591
Comparison of embolectomy outcomes for acute lower limb ischemia between patients aged ≥80 years and <80 years Research
Pages 084-089 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.648
Concomitant therapies for varicose veins: Our high-volume, single-center experiences in the UK Research
Pages 090-094 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.521
Current treatment of peripheral infected wounds: Our vacuum-assisted closure experiences Research
Pages 095-100 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.617
Carotid endarterectomy under local anesthesia: An institutional report of experience Research
Pages 101-106 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.632
Open repair of juxtarenal aortic aneurysms: 10-years of experience in a single center Research
Pages 107-114 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.625
Peripherally inserted central catheters in palliative care patients: Our single-center experience Research
Pages 115-120 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.692
Our experiences with hemodialysis arteriovenous fistula aneurysm Research
Pages 121-126 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.662
Case Report
Renal artery embolization following aortobifemoral bypass: A case report Case Report
Pages 127-130 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2019.335
Treatment of a thoracic aortic aneurysm-related aortoesophageal fistula Case Report
Pages 131-133 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.609
Cystic adventitial disease: A cause of peripheral arterial disease that should be remembered in young adults Case Report
Pages 134-136 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.546
Endovascular repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm associated with ectopic kidney: A case report Case Report
Pages 137-139 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.564
Profunda femoris medial circumflex branch aneurysm: A case report Case Report
Pages 140-142 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.471
Letter to Editor
The importance of good-quality saphenous vein segments for bypass procedures Letter to Editor
Pages 143-144 DOI : 10.9739/tjvs.2020.682